Struggling with depersonalization?

Hello there, my name is Swamy, and I’m the creator of DP No More. Having been through depersonalization & derealization disorder (DP/DR), I know how scary, confusing, and frustrating the experience can be.
That is why after reaching recovery, I created the DP No More course to help sufferers.

DP No More

Your complete guide to recovering from depersonalization and derealization disorder
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Who am I?

Hi, my name is Swamy. I once was a depersonalization & derealization sufferer, just like you. Now, I am recovered and fully functional.

When I was going through DP/DR, I wished that there was someone who I could rely on for proper guidance and support.

After recovering, I started to make that guidance and support available for other people. You can check out all of my content through the links below.